This is fun :-)


So I’ve finally got my blog up and running. I wouldn’t have done so if not for Mister .NET (Jambo Johnson) who guided me through the process expertly as only he can. Thanks Jambo πŸ™‚

It’s the Festival of Vishu in Kerala (my state in India), so maybe it’s a nice day to start off my blog. I’ll be blogging stuff here mostly related to coding but I might also make the odd Nish-type non-tech entry.

That’s it for now. Worst part is I don’t have power now and have to wait till it comes back before I can submit this entry.


14 thoughts on “This is fun :-)

  1. Lot’s of grinning here . . . You’ve turned me on to Blogging!
    But… Can you stear me in the right direction to fix this ?
    On my XP – when selected more than one file > right click >
    click “Open” – BAM! – I am then hit with the “Copy to…” &
    “Move to…” dialog for every file I am trying to open —
    It is a real pain and i apologize for going off subject —
    but i am desperate and ignorant – please help me gain wisdom.

  2. In my last post (12) my ‘name link’ did not work – maybe this will . . .
    note: of course i’ve the same problem with – right click > β€œEdit” –
    when more than one file is selected – Cheers and wish me luck (info)

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