Blog updated with some fancy stuff

The code snippets are now colorized – as you must surely have observed by now. Jambo Johnson took the WordPress colorizer and made the required changes for it to work with C++/CLI, and though we had a little problem with its unexpected indentation effects, a lucky guess helped solve that problem too.

I’ve also broken up my blog entries into categories now, which meant that some of the entries must have shown up as new in your RSS aggregators. I apologize for the inconvenience this must have caused you.

On a personal note, I am rather depressed right now. I installed MySQL and PHP on my XP Prof SP 1 laptop running IIS 5.1 and guess what, my IIS is now totally screwed up 😦 I tried reinstalling IIS, PHP and even totally uninstalling PHP, but the problem still persists. In case you are interested, the problem is that I cannot bring up the web site properties for either the default web site or for any sub-webs. This essentially means I cannot administer IIS anymore and a complete OS reinstallation seems unavoidable now 😦


15 thoughts on “Blog updated with some fancy stuff

  1. Thanks for the link Stephane, but the issue is that while my web host is an ASP.NET web host, my blog tool is PHP based and I don’t wanna mix PHP with a .NET based colorizer.

    And in case you are wondering why I did not use .Text, it’s because I don’t have SQL Server support on my web host and I went for PHP based WordPress which works with MySQL.

    I can’t afford SQL server as of now πŸ™‚


  2. I haven’t looked at AylarSolutions.Highlight, but I just finished my own syntax highlighter but it shouldn’t be too hard to modify to add stuff like line numbers if someone chose to.

  3. Hey Matt

    I think it’s a server load issue and am wondering if I should mail my web host about it. In general I found things to be slow last night, though half the time I was confused as to whether it was due to my bandwidth being bad.

    I hope it’s got better now.


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