My first C++/CLI article for CodeProject

I spent most of today afternoon/evening writing my first C++/CLI article for CodeProject. You can read it here – A first look at C++/CLI. The article covers the problems with the old syntax, how the new syntax solves these problems, how handles differ from pointers, declaring and using CLR types with the new syntax and boxing/unboxing. I have been meaning to write this article for the past few weeks, but wanted to get my facts right about boxing/unboxing before I ventured to do so.


9 thoughts on “My first C++/CLI article for CodeProject

  1. Nish, your article seems to get a lot of interest. Even Herb Sutter replied to your article – that must be a honor. My respect to you and the work you do. Keep it up and one day you will be at Microsoft ( then you can hire me ) .


  2. Hey Sonu

    That is one of my goals in life, to join the Microsoft Visual C++ team πŸ™‚ I am not sure in what role, perhaps as MFC developer (when they rewrite MFC with C++/CLI) or as VC++ Technology Evangelist (assuming they have such a position) so I can write MSDN articles and take sessions at VSLive and PDC πŸ˜€


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