Down with viral fever

Just in case anyone was wondering why my blog is not being updated, I’ve been down with viral fever since Friday the 14th (just escaped by 1 day eh?) and though I’ve still been able to edit and post articles on CodeProject, I haven’t felt strong enough to try out new stuff which is when I usually end up writing blog entries. I have finished work on my CP Zip Stripper editor tool and will probably upload it to the CodeProject tools section sometime today.

More than the fever, what annoys me is the absolute body weakness that has taken over me – I walk and move like a 130 year old man πŸ˜₯


8 thoughts on “Down with viral fever

  1. Did you notice that your weblog is a life pulse. Posted lately, then you are alive and kicking ; No post, what has happened to him/her ?
    No need to call mom and dod. And yes, it also shows your leve lof geekiness…

  2. The best remedy for a viral infection is zinc lozenges. The zinc ions inhibit viral replication, and dramatically reduce the length of a cold.

    Only zinc acetate and zinc gluconate are effective though; other forms (like zinc citrate) bind the zinc, and don’t help. (See )

    (The zinc nasal spray, Zicam, works even faster, but there have been reports that it can damage your sense of smell, so the lozenges are safer.) I hope this helps you.

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