Got myself a new mobile phone

After more than 2 years with my Ericsson A3618, I bought a new mobile phone – a Nokia 6100 model – color display with polyphonic ringtones – at a reasonable price of Rs 9,900 (approx US$ 220). I guess that’s still at least 25% to 35% more expensive than its price in the US or the UK – but I thought it was still a good price for India, where we are used to paying more for everything.

I am now looking for Level-4 polyphonic midi clips that I can use as ringtones ๐Ÿ™‚ So if anyone knows where I can get some decent Level-4 midis, please do let me know. The 6100 instrument bank includes 29 melodic and 14 percussion instruments.

One other particularly useful feature of the phone is that, when I have connected it to my laptop via IrDA, I can use the Phone Editor software that comes with the phone to send/recv SMS messages just as if I were using a POP3 mail client – pretty cool eh?


12 thoughts on “Got myself a new mobile phone

  1. Congrats on your new phone ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m still contemplating of buying a Motorola Mpx200, recently launched here, so that I can write some smartphone apps. It costs 25k, available only under Hutch (they have the 1800 frequency)

  2. Thanks Kanna – I thought of a phone that supports the .NET CF, but then decided it was too much money for a few minutes thrill – I mean after the initial kick has worn off I wonder how many people actually use a phone to run .NET apps.

  3. Sweet, my mum has that phone. I was once a die-hard Nokia user, but now I moved onto the MPx200 smartphone and, while it has its problems, It’s taken me away from the Nokia fold for good probably.
    I do miss Nokia though. My 6510 still has a place in my room.

  4. Hey Rosh

    That was interesting reading.

    BTW, I use BSNL’s mobile service and they don’t support GPRS ๐Ÿ˜ฆ So I don’t have any means to get on the web via my phone.


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  7. i recently got my self an upgrade, to a sony ericsson p990i, has most stuff, i find the vdeo camera bit is very good, andvery clear video suitable for you tube type videos, i wouldbe intested in peoples experience with mobile phone insurance as i found my oneevery good, even came with no claims bonus

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