Trivandrum – a nocturnal beauty

It was a little past 9:30 PM, and I was driving back home from the restaurant from where I had my supper, which incidentally consisted of curd-rice, two cups of coffee and a glass of pomegranate juice – yeah, yeah I know it’s a weird sort of supper to have. It was drizzling heavily enough for people to take shelter under bus-stops but not heavily enough to make driving difficult in the slightest way. For some reason, I felt like taking a longer drive home and so I just drove around the Trivandrum city main roads, and also played my Roxette CD just to bring in a bit of music. The same roads which were so clogged with traffic during day-time, that even a 1 KM stretch took about 10 minutes, 3 stops and 2 traffic lights, were mostly devoid of traffic of any kind. The darkness and the rain helped hide the dirty footpaths and open drainage gutters on the sides of the roads and all of a sudden, the typically dirty and uninspiring Trivandrum city roads became a sort of charming sensation of beauty for me.

I must have drove all over the main part of the city and covered about 20-25 KM, since I did manage to listen to 4-5 Roxette tracks in the mean time. Once in an odd while, some nasty driver’s rude high beam blinded me temporarily and left me seeing blurred light blots on my wind shield, but I only smiled sweetly back at them rather than swear at them with all my vocal might as I am usually prone to do. I really wish I had my camera with me though I am not really sure if any camera would have captured tonight’s beauty, for I feel tonight was something very special, and I am very much scared that tomorrow – I might not see things in the same lovely manner as I did tonight. I felt very warm and comfortable as I reached home finally – I am not sure how I reached home, but abruptly I found myself very near my apartment and must have subconsciously turned the right way. I’ve always been in love with my home-town, but tonight was the first time she kissed me goodnight.


13 thoughts on “Trivandrum – a nocturnal beauty

  1. Trivandrum used to be one of the neatest and most beautiful cities of India once. We hope the city dev. authorities will be able to restore Trivandrum to its old glory. Thanks Nish, for a nice read!

  2. Hey Nish, u got me nostalgic. It’s now been 9 years since I left Trivandrum, but it’ll always retain its unique charm.

  3. Hey Wreeju

    People who leave TVM and return for permanent residence years later, appreciate it more than people who’ve been here all the while and thus take everything for granted.

  4. Nish,

    Kerala is an *awesome* place to be. Whenever my friends ask me as to why I love my workplace city (Seattle) I tell them it reminds me of the incessant rain in Kottayam/Trivandrum πŸ˜‰

    You know what; I totally get why you are obsessed with the lack of Internet bandwidth in Trivandrum. When I was doing my undergrad in CET people laid blame on the lack of physical infrastructure. Then we had all those undersea optical cables with Cochin as the base that was laid. This was followed up by Reliance folks, who if I remember right were planning to create an optical backbone for telecommunications in Kerala. Alas all I get from the much-hyped Asianet cable connection is at max 4kBps/sec. Sad Sad Sad!!!

  5. Hey Deepu

    Cool to see more Trivandrum folks reading the blog. The blog reader network spreads in weird mysterious ways, eh? πŸ™‚

    Yup, whenever I see an Asianet ISP ad claiming how they are Kerala’s only Broadband provider, I have this uncontrollable feeling to laugh aloud – broadband, my right foot!!!

    I was in Seattle for a week, earlier this year and though everyone told me it is gonna rain the whole time, it didn’t rain all that much there – and the rain was nothing like what we have here during May-June-July. Seattle people cribbing about their rain should come here during June πŸ™‚

    Anyway if I do join an US company in the near future, it’d be nice if it’s in Seattle too πŸ™‚

  6. I will become a resident of TVM for a long 4 years starting this August, thanx for ur comments for now I am better prepared to face the city, maybe in the night. CU folks

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