Blogger’s Block

For a 2 week gap, you might have noticed the lack of any new entries on my blog. No, I wasn’t imprisoned for using the cell phone while driving drunk nor was I ill in bed with flu; but I had Blogger’s Block! It’s the most frustrating state of mind that a blogger can get into, and I can tell you this, I was really annoyed with myself and also angry, but all my efforts to produce a blog entry failed. :grrr:

I don’t think I am the only blogger who gets Blogger’s Block, for my good friend and fellow-blogger Jambo Johnson (better known as Mister .NET) is a serious sufferer of Blogger’s Block. In fact I just noticed that DataGrid Girl has not blogged in a while either, which just goes on to prove that Blogger’s Block is not a gender specific problem. :hmmm:

Well, finally I did the only thing I could do to get out of the painful rut. I wrote another CP article (that C++/CLI Arrays article) and then blogged about it. That somehow cured me and well this is my third blog entry in three days. I feel good, I tell ya, really really good.

Oh, and I also wanted to show off my new blog smilies :nerd:


I’d like to thank my friend Colin Davies, for it was he who mailed me asking me why I wasn’t blogging at all this month, and when I told him I was suffering from acute Blogger’s Block, Colino suggested that I blog about Blogger’s Block.

BTW, if you want to use these smilies in your comments, just hover the mouse over the smilies to see the smiley-codes. πŸ™‚


12 thoughts on “Blogger’s Block

  1. Kudos! to you Nish for getting the keyboard workin again.
    While we can treat this subject with a dose of levity, it is probably one of the top ranked blog healh related issues that exist. Whether a blogger can also continuously issue quality blogs is obviously also a concern, and bloggers block would effect this. So it is my humble opinion that we need to address this matter far more in depth, examining the causes. Possibly someone could develop software for examining blogs early on, and determining if an author is in the early phases of the dreaded block taking effect. Then proactive measures could be taken instead of the reactive cups of coffee that bloggers are forced into using now.
    It is also interesting to note that while blogging continues to blossom online, there does not appear to be any study by institutions of scholarship into the effects of blogging on society. It’s as if an unrecorded social phenomenon is occuring online that is itself revolved around personal publishing. (a bit of an oxymoron eh!)
    Anyhow once again well done Nisho and I hope no more blocks develop in your path.

  2. Thanks for the wishes, Smitha and Colino πŸ™‚

    BTW Colino, what you said about blogs coming up in a big way is very interesting; and on a related note, most google searches bring up links to blogs. From now on, most people would go for a blog rather than a home-page type web site. In fact some people like Jambo, Paul Watson, Megan Forbes, Nnamdi and Nonny have their blog as their home page.

    In fact I think gets more hits daily than 😎

  3. Stuck with the blog since Aug last year and all I can see is that a bunch can’t seem to get over their first post, while a bunch of others link like crazy (no need for names here), and in between a bunch of blogs go up, stay for a while (one week, or a month at most) and then never get updated anymore. The curve is quite the same than for homepages IMHO.

    I have decided to have a blog and eventually use it for the product I am developing. It began with a frenzy cross-linking and I believe this wasn’t going anywhere nor providing any value to subscribe for. With an always-on-topic blog, my customers get the news without needless spam. Last but not least, there is no day-without-a-blog-entry tyrany anymore.

  4. Hey Stephane

    I’ve had my blog up for about 4 months and well made a few dozen blog entries – not sure exactly how many. Er, the link says 34, but it’s a little lesser than that as I deleted 2-3 test posts. But that’s still about 2 entries a week which is okay I guess πŸ™‚

    It’s rare for me to make entries that are simply links, except when I’ve written a new article that I think is something worth blogging about.

    What initially started of as a C++/CLI blog is now a kind of (part-Nish’s life) (part-technical-stuff) blog. I am trying not to blog too much about myself, lest people who read the blog get annoyed, but I usually can’t resist talking about my new car/phone etc 😳

  5. I like what Stephane is saying about dare I say “Product Blogs”, “Project Blogs”, “Development Blogs”. This gives everyone a chance to stay up to date optionally.

  6. Hey Nish,
    The technical details go OHT for some of us – I for one enjoy it for purely the non technical stuff – so keep it going. BTW, Nice smileys especially the blush one.

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