A geek's nightmare

Dreaming of being an orphaned ref object that’s being hunted down by the Garbage Collector. I can imagine the GC, dressed in a sinister looking black suit, shouting at me asking me to slow down, and I run away as fast as I could through the partially compacted CLI heap, making loud protests of how my finalizer needs some more time to finish executing. Eventually I trip on a 2nd generation String object, having got my shoe laces entangled with one of the taller alphabets it contained (might have been an f or perhaps a y – damned letters) and fall down. The GC comes near me and laughs aloud; horribly, cruelly, brutally… My last thought is, “Oh, how I wish I weren’t a managed object!”.


10 thoughts on “A geek's nightmare

  1. A class mate of mine at university dreamed she was hunted by a vicious integration sign (is that the English word?) – you know that vertically stretched backwards S used when integrating functions (man, that feels like a lifetime ago…) – during the first math course we took, calculus etc.

  2. Please don’t wish to be an unmanaged object.. Later it will be difficult to manage life;) Let GC manage your life… First You have to define your app domain boundaries and GC’s attibutes (repalce sinister looking black suit with nice kerala saree )& permisions.

  3. Hey Johann

    I can identify with your friend. I still have horrible memories of having to do triple integrals in my 3rd semester engineering! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  4. Rocks !
    But I have to unite with the inventor of the original reply: when you define the boundaries of your existence in a functional manner, you can always close the front gate from the evil GC dude ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Funny, cute, nice. Yes, sometimes GC is a little to eager, especially when passing a managed object to an unmanaged chunck of code. BTW, could I e-mail you on one Interop issue? You seem to have a head for it.

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