The spell-checker conundrum

I used to be an excellent speller till I started using word processors and editors with built-in spell checking. Funnily, I never realized how profoundly my spelling abilities had deteriorated until very recently, when I had to write a letter by hand. I was horribly shocked to find that I wasn’t half-sure of the proper spelling for quite a few very commonly used words. Maybe its time to start writing by hand a few paragraphs every day before I become totally spelling-illiterate. Right now, I am trying to console myself by theorizing that I am not alone in this and that there must be 1000s of other miserable people out there, who have so got used to spell-checkers that they are totally unable to write three meaningful sentences without a bunch of spelling errors. :hmmm:


9 thoughts on “The spell-checker conundrum

  1. Writing by hand, what is that πŸ™‚ To me more than my spelling my handwriting has gone worse, I used to get some good comments on my handwriting back in school but I guess its over, my current handwriting is more of a scribble than anything.

  2. Heh… i’ve the dubious advantage then, of *never* having usable spelling skills. I second-guess myself so much that even if by chance my initial idea is correct, it’s unlikely to be the one that makes it down on paper.

    Tools like SpellBound save me. πŸ™‚

  3. Nish, I think what you are sugessting is that we need a human spell checker each time we write something by hand. Maybe a teacher or something would be great πŸ™‚ BTW: Please dont check the errors in this post. My spell checker (teacher) is currently not enabled πŸ˜‰

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