The __identifier keyword

While the contingency is not all that probable, it cannot be totally ruled out that a C# or VB.NET component developer might inadvertently use a C++ keyword as a class name or a public field name. Anyway, the C++ team decided that they had to allow for this probability and gave us the __identifier keyword which allows us to use C++ keywords as identifiers in C++ source code.

See the following C# class library :-

    csc /t:library Class1.cs

public class gcnew
    public gcnew()
        generic = 25;

    public int generic;

To use it from C++, you can use the __identifier keyword as shown below :-

    cl/clr /FUClass1.dll Prog1.cpp

int main()
    __identifier(gcnew)^ g = gcnew __identifier(gcnew)();
    int x = g->__identifier(generic);
    return 0;

2 thoughts on “The __identifier keyword

  1. Just when I thought the team has got rid of the underscores ;-p I’m back in town after a eventful fortnight 🙂

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