The guy who never combed his hair

I remember how, back during my college days, a lady-classmate referred to me as a guy who never combs his hair, never wears a watch and whose idea of formal wear is a wrinkled t-shirt and worn-out jeans. This might possibly be alarming to some of you, but she was dead accurate. It’s now close to 15 years since I’ve worn a watch and for time-keeping purposes I’ve depended on my cell phone during the last 5 years. It’s not that I have anything against wearing a watch, it’s just that I had some kind of rash on my wrists and was advised by the doc to temporarily avoid wearing a watch and after keeping off wearing watches for a while, I kinda started liking it. I don’t remember the last time I voluntarily combed my hair (some of my female relations have uncouthly forced their hair combing felonies on my poor hair), but it must be more than a decade now since I quit trying to keep my hair all combed and ready. T-shirts are still my favorite apparel, specially if they have any Microsoft-specific logos on them, though I don’t wear denim trousers anymore. Since I am approaching middle-age I have shifted to wrinkle-free cotton trousers. Well, if my critic classmate was asked to comment on her statement of yore, she’d probably look at me now and say she stands to her statement, though technically she’d be wrong cause of my having abandoned jeans for cotton trousers. *sigh* I guess I am not ever going to win a fashion contest, but then when has that ever deterred me from dressing as comfortably as I felt like? :nerd:


10 thoughts on “The guy who never combed his hair

  1. I somehow manage to look more unkempt in khakis and a dress shirt than i do in jeans and a t-shirt. It’s a knack, i guess… drives my wife crazy though.

  2. T shirts suit you more than normal shirts. I love watching you in T shirts than in formal wears.


  3. Hey Nish, for heaven’s sake we aren’t “approaching middle age”!!!! me still in the pink of youth πŸ˜‰ Nice to see a non-technical blog entry after a long time…

  4. yes Nish, you look better in jeans and t-shirts. You are too young to avoid these things man. Try more such stuff. Cotton stuff too is ok for you. I think you are a friendly guy with good height and personality. Gain few pounds and Use these things to enhance your persona. Best luck

  5. But the rare occasions I saw you with combed hair [prolly your mother’s doing], you looked real smart. Try to comb your hair more often.

  6. T-shirts look good on you.But I’d appreciate it if you took some time to keep your hair combed and tidy.You dont have to win a fashion contest but looking neat and presentable is another matter.And I have observed it makes a great difference when you have done that.You look really great once you have kept your hair set and worn good clothes(its time you threw away some of those 10-year old shirts!) πŸ™‚

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