There's nothing wrong in posting messages!

Mike Dunn said that to me a few minutes ago and I thought that, taken out of perspective, that sentence is pretty funny 😀 Well, for those who didn’t get it yet, we weren’t talking about posting messages on a bulletin board or Instant Messenger messages; we were talking about posting Win32 messages! It happened this way. I was working on a CEdit-derived class and wanted to call SetWindowText as early in its creation cycle as possible but also late enough for the subclassed message handlers to come into play. Essentially the equivalent of CDialog‘s OnInitDialog or CView‘s OnInitialUpdate. Anyway, the solution we came up with was to handle PreSubclassWindow (by which time the m_hWnd is valid) and PostMessage a user-defined message to ourselves and the handler for this message is where we do our stuff – because now we know that the underlying EDIT window is ready and that subclassing has finished. Pretty cool, huh? Somehow, I hesitated for a couple of seconds and to pep me up and to keep me going, Mike said to me, “There’s nothing wrong in posting messages!“.


4 thoughts on “There's nothing wrong in posting messages!

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    How could i get better as you in MFC ? !
    Nice site and nice articles, Friend !

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