Mr .NET colorized my articles!

I just installed SyntaxHighlighter for .NET written by Jambo Johnson (Mr .NET) on my website, and now the articles on my site have syntax colorization for the code snippets – just as in my blog. My blog uses Jambo’s WordPress colorizer plugin developed in PHP and this new .NET colorizer is a .NET port of the PHP version, though Jambo has re-done the entire design. To add any new language, you just need to add a new language template (very easy to do); in fact Jambo gave me just his C# and plain text language templates, and it took me less than 15 minutes to generate a C++ language template (this time I have decided to use a single template for native C++, Managed C++ and C++/CLI). Anyway, please feel free to check out the now syntax colorized articles here :- Nish’s Articles. Thanks goes to Jambo for developing a really awesome component – BTW, he has plans of writing an ASP.NET web control wrapping the colorizer that you can just drag/drop into your ASP.NET web-application projects, so those of you who want it can keep reminding him frequently till he succumbs to pressure 😀


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