The __FUNCSIG__ macro

I cannot believe that I didn’t know of this macro all this while. Countless times in the past, when I had to track the life-cycle of an object, I had put code such as printf("inside ctor") and printf("inside function F(int)") in my class, and now I find out that all I had to use was the __FUNCSIG__ macro.

ref class R
    void Hello()
    int index;


    R^ r = gcnew R();
    delete r;

/*** Output

__clrcall R::R(void)
void __clrcall R::Hello(void)
__clrcall R::~R(void)


Other similar macros are __FUNCDNAME__ which returns the decorated name and __FUNCTION__ which returns the undecorated name (without the full signature). These are available in VC++ 2003 and 2005, but I am not sure if they existed in VC++ 6, so perhaps someone could confirm that.

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