VS 2005 Document Explorer never finds anything

9 times out of 10, when I select a class name or a keyword and hit F1, the Document Explorer shows me an “Information Not Found” page. But at the same time, the index on the left has selected the topic I am looking for, which means all I need to do is to double click on that topic and the expected page loads. So it’s truly mysterious to me why the Document Explorer says it cannot find the required information! Am I the only one who gets these sort of errors? Pretty damned annoying when it happens all the time!


9 thoughts on “VS 2005 Document Explorer never finds anything

  1. No problem, Jochen. I personally prefer External Help though, as my IDE is cluttered enough already. The more space I can give to my code window, the better.

  2. What drives me nuts is the hopping of the toolbars when switching between different types of documents; ie, switching between designer and code, or during debugging sessions. This was submitted as a bug during beta, but Microsoft said it is as designed.

  3. VS2005 bundled documentation usability, accuracy and performance is a huge step Backward from VS2003.

    I see this error all the time as well.

  4. Hmmm… if I run it from the command line

    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Help 8>dexplore /LaunchFKeywordTopic fopen

    then it goes online and displays that page.

    If I hit F1 when “fopen” is highlighted it comes back
    with the information not found screen. (Curiously, it
    says “You have chosen to use local Help only” whatever
    I set that option.) Probably a conflicting design, eh?

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