Article – A modal dialog that fades the background to gray-scale

I actually published that last week, but forgot to write about it on my blog since I was engrossed in some other issues – which I’ll blog about soon. Anyway, DimmerDialog is a .NET class I wrote, that shows a modal dialog which grays out the rest of the background, just like the Windows XP Shutdown dialog. This can be used when your application needs to show a very important message box or form that requires immediate user attention, though whether that’s good etiquette or not is up to you to decide, or perhaps your client to decide.


2 thoughts on “Article – A modal dialog that fades the background to gray-scale

  1. System modal dialogs, redux… I cannot think of a single example where an application would suffer from using a normal application modal dialog. If you ask applications (or their creators) they sure will deem their dialogs “very important” – see the notification area for such an example :] And I am not sure if the client is the right one to decide such things as I doubt that most understand even basic usability implications.

    — bg

    P.S.: The code is nice and a cool experiment: I would not have think of creating a separate desktop for this :]

  2. Hi Nish ,
    First of all being a novice i found your idea to be very cool ,but how to do this using
    MFC ,may be an idea will do .

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