Writing a simple Avalon app with C++/CLI

You cannot use XAML with C++/CLI, so you’ll have to hand-code your UI, as of now anyway. Anyway, here’s what you need to do to write a simple app.

Step 1

Generate a new C++/CLI project, set the subsystem to Windows, set the entry point to main, and add the following references :

  • System (if not already present)
  • PresentationCore
  • PresentationFramework
  • WindowsBase

Step 2

Add the following using namespace declarations to your cpp file :

using namespace System;
using namespace System::Windows;

Step 3

Here’s your main method :

int main(array<System::String^>^args)
    return (gcnew Application())->Run(gcnew Window());

That’s all. Compile and run your app to see your first Avalon window in C++/CLI.


5 thoughts on “Writing a simple Avalon app with C++/CLI

  1. *Completely* unrelated, but do u mind telling me how you get double quotes working in the code boxes?

    I have code boxes but the double quotes are not selectable. It’s driving me nuts.


  2. Sorry. The outlines above where you insert the code samples and color the text.

    For example:

    There is also a:

    used for coloring text (from the post on the SHCreateDirectoryEx API function)

    I can copy ‘n paste a code snippet that has a string param from your webpage into Visual Studio with no problems.

    However, when I try something similar on my webpage the quotes dont’ copy and paste correctly (they’re italic and not the ascii vertical kind). As a result, every code snippet pasted from my webpage into Visual Studio will have to have each double quote replaced.

    I was just wondering how you got the HTML formatting for your string params working? It seems incredible trivial yet – for the life of me – I can’t get it working.

    I hope that’s a little more clear?


  3. OMG! I finally got it. I had to use the code tag in wordpress not the span tag.

    Anyway, thx for your help. I feel kind of silly making a post about this and bothering you. I’m setting up my blog with WordPress also so I thought you might know.

    Again, I feel silly for posting and am sorry for bothering you with this. If you could please delete these posts that would make me happy. =P

    Thx and keep up the good work with the code project and ur site!


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