DCOM helps you appreciate WCF

I’ve been playing with Indigo (Windows Communication Foundation), and was fairly impressed with its support for duplex communication. With the help of my good friend and Win32 Guru Rama Vavilala, I also managed to get a DCOM sample working that used connection points for duplex communication via event sinks. Not only was the DCOM app complicated to write, but I had to change security settings and disable the XP firewall before it worked across the network. In WCF, you’d just have to choose an HTTP binding that supported duplex communication. So, while WCF is impressive on its own right, unless you’ve done some DCOM, you won’t understand its greatest strength – implementation simplicity!


5 thoughts on “DCOM helps you appreciate WCF

  1. Hello Nish,

    Is it possible to make expose an existing legacy DCOM server as a WCF webservice?.
    My idea was to reuse the working stablized DCOM server with out rewritting it.
    And this DCOM server has to be accessed from the smart and web clients.

    It will be really great if you can share with us some samples which does this.

    Thanks in advance.


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