My book's front cover

Here’s a preview image of my book’s cover. Most of the Manning book covers use images from the 1805 edition of Sylvain MarŽchal’s four-volume compendium of regional dress customs. You can read more on that here.

And no, that’s not the Pope! That’s what my wife jokingly asked me when she saw the cover. 🙂


16 thoughts on “My book's front cover

  1. Nish,
    Long time, I just been checking your blog. I’m guessting you have been pretty busy. When is the book coming out? Can I order the book online? Long time without working with C++, but when my book comes out, I know you are going to buy it 😉

  2. Hey Albert,

    I did an India visit and got back last week, and yeah, I’ve been rather busy.
    The book’s in its final-review phase and the editors keep sending me changes, some of which I am implementing.

    It’s the hardest part of the book-writing-cycle and in some ways the most tiring, since you have to repeatedly go through the same stuff again and again and again…

    The book’s been listed on sites like Amazon where the publication date says Dec 2006 (but I assume it’d be out a month earlier than that)

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