Sample chapter from my C++/CLI book

Manning has something called MEAP (Manning Early Access Programme), where they make available unedited drafts of chapters for people who apply for MEAP. It’s not free, but they usually give one free MEAP chapter. My book’s chapter 1 is now available for free from the Manning MEAP page for my book (other MEAP chapters are available too, but those are not free). Interested folks can go to and read my first chapter for free (remember that this is an unedited draft though). Feel free to give me your feedback either via the Manning author forum or via this blog.


7 thoughts on “Sample chapter from my C++/CLI book

  1. Hi Nish,

    good work, i like your approach of C++/CLI, taking advantage of mixed mode to create powerful application with a powerful framwork and an elegant syntax, without loosing many years of work …
    With this first chapter, I can guess the book is less theoretical than other books, like the one of S. Fraser or I. Hortons.
    I hope i can have the opportunity soon to read more of your book.

    Best regards,


  2. “Visual C++ 2005 allows you to compile your entire native code base to MSIL with the flick of a single compilation switch.”

    Native code is compiled to MSIL????

  3. Nish, could you explain that a little further. The /clr means you get a mixed image, so the native part of your app is still compiled to x86/x64 instructions and only the managed part is compiled to MSIL. Between the native and managed part of the app the compiler/runtime does interop/marshalling.

    If ANSI/ISO C++ gets compiled to MSIL, what is the point of C++/CLI? And why can’t it be verified then?

  4. Dear nish,
    Few months ago you discussed the topic of banning in India at the Code Project
    Forum. You also mentioned a URL of a web site withing which we can view the blocked sites.
    Can you tell me that URL again.

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