Relocated from Toronto, ON to Marietta, GA

Last week, we relocated from Toronto to Marietta, a suburb town of Atlanta. It was a 15 hour drive that we split into two days; we took a sleep-break in Lexington, Kentucky. The drive was mostly uneventful, though we drove through some of the most scenic and beautiful highways you could think of. Mid-October is a great time to do a road trip in North America – and as we progressed further south, the change in the vegetation patterns were also rather obvious. The reason for our relocation was because I took up a new job, and thus I no longer work for The Code Project, though I will most likely continue to be closely associated with the web-site. We are terribly busy right now, running around looking for apartments we can move into, trying to get money transferred from Canadian bank accounts to a US account, trying to figure out our way across new streets and highways, and amidst all that, enjoying the new city, the new accents , and the beautiful greenery that seems to be a core part of the area. Both of us will miss Toronto though, it really was an unbelievable city, and we’ll also probably miss the snow – they don’t get much snow in Georgia.