Relocated from Toronto, ON to Marietta, GA

Last week, we relocated from Toronto to Marietta, a suburb town of Atlanta. It was a 15 hour drive that we split into two days; we took a sleep-break in Lexington, Kentucky. The drive was mostly uneventful, though we drove through some of the most scenic and beautiful highways you could think of. Mid-October is a great time to do a road trip in North America – and as we progressed further south, the change in the vegetation patterns were also rather obvious. The reason for our relocation was because I took up a new job, and thus I no longer work for The Code Project, though I will most likely continue to be closely associated with the web-site. We are terribly busy right now, running around looking for apartments we can move into, trying to get money transferred from Canadian bank accounts to a US account, trying to figure out our way across new streets and highways, and amidst all that, enjoying the new city, the new accents , and the beautiful greenery that seems to be a core part of the area. Both of us will miss Toronto though, it really was an unbelievable city, and we’ll also probably miss the snow – they don’t get much snow in Georgia.


31 thoughts on “Relocated from Toronto, ON to Marietta, GA

  1. You’re right about the snow here in the Atlanta area- if one of the TV weather people even thinks the word snow, all of the bread and milk in the grocery stores do a houdini act.
    Have you seen the big chicken yet? Every one makes a big deal out of it, but when you see it, I’m sure you’ll just roll your eyes- kind of like the ummm, big chicken.

  2. Just read the news in the CP news letter. I hope you like ATL.
    I really enjoyed it when I lived there for High School and College. I’d love to move back. What company did you end up with?

  3. Nish, Great to hear the news (I read it from CP newsletter), good luck on your new job. Remember your old friend and do get in touch when you find time.


  4. Congratulation Nish Dear.

    Today, I just noticed the change in the User Icon at Code project.
    after that I read this post and I was coming to ask, what happened to your “Display Icon” at Code project. I was in holiday and preparing for my exams happening by this weekend.
    All the best for your new Assignment.

    Keep in touch.

  5. First order of business is to find where ‘the big chicken’ is. All directions esp in the Marietta Georgia area are based on this. (ie go north on 41 till you pass the big chicken. then turn left).

    Welcome to Georgia…

  6. Hey Nishant,
    I sent you an email at your address… whats going on down there ? have you guys settled down ?
    Send me an email to my address which I used to post this comment.


  7. Hey Nishant,

    Thanks for all that you’ve published! I’ve been in your web content for days
    now. Great work!

    Welcome to the US. (yes, I’ve preordered your new book πŸ˜‰

    Good luck in your new job.

    Best Regards

  8. Welcome to Georgia, Nish. (and the US for that matter)

    Marietta, eh? I used to live very close to there, in Kennesaw, Georgia. Some beautiful country out in Georgia. Great weather too. Enjoy! πŸ™‚

  9. Are you still in Georgia. By the way, where can I purchase a copy of your book. I leave on the South
    of Marietta. I am a VB programmer with some C++ experience. Let me know.

  10. Hey Claude,

    The E-Book was out yesterday, and you can order it from Manning. The printed book will be out on Apr 6 and you can order it from any place like Amazon, Manning etc.

  11. Hi which Nish is this , i am claude Nish based in Johannesburg South africa and Googled for Nish and this site came up, would be intrested in finding out who this is

  12. @Roop

    Yes I do miss Canada (or Toronto to be more accurate).

    For my son’s first b’day, my wife and I took him to Toronto/Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls is our favorite place to visit. We’ll probably go there again once he’s older.

    Some of my friends and colleagues thought we were nuts to do an expensive trip to a place we had already been to several times in the past πŸ™‚

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