New computer speakers

Today I bought the Logitech X-540 computer speakers from Best Buy. The sales guy tried to dump a Best Buy reward zone credit card on me, and his sales girl friend tried to convince me to buy a 2 year service warranty which would make me eligible for a free replacement for up to 2 years. I politely refused both these offers. It cost me $110 including taxes and after 3 hours of usage I believe that it was worth every dollar. The sound quality is awesome when playing music or watching DVDs and there is no noticeable distortion even at full volume. I am not a gamer so I haven’t tested it with games – but other reviews I found online indicate that it performs just as well with games too.

Setting it up took me a while because of all the wires and having to squeeze in 6 speakers in space that’d normally be best suited for 3 speakers maximum. My sound card supported 8 channels and it had 5 output points; this allowed me to enjoy true multi-channel sound rather than depend on the matrix feature supported by the X-540 where it distributes 2 or 3 channel sound into the 5.1 speakers. Here’s a photo of the speakers that I snapped before had I put them in the right places.

Smitha was horrified when she came into the room and saw the mess – and the pair of socks you see in the photo didn’t exactly enhance her mood. I cleaned up the mess and hid the wires well enough to her satisfaction, and so everything’s good now. Anyway, if any of you are thinking of buying computer speakers and have about 100 bucks in mind, I very strongly recommend the Logitech X-540 speakers. All I hope now is that my neighbors are sporting enough to ignore a bit of loud music around midnight which is the time when I start lusting for loud music. 😀