It's Tagging time in Microsoft blogger land

I got tagged by Kenny Kerr on Jan 3rd and by Kate Gregory on Jan 7th. I had to do some Googling to figure out what tagging is all about. Some people don’t seem to like this whole tagging concept as they feel it resembles chain mail. So if any of you are in that category, please accept my advanced humble apologies.

I have met both my taggers – Kenny and I had lunch in Toronto several months ago; and I kinda met Kate at an East-Toronto UG session. Kate didn’t see me (I was part of the audience in a dark room), but I did technically see her – couldn’t say hello to her as she left before the talk was over.

Here’s the mandatory list of 5 things about me that I’d talk about if Oprah Winfrey featured me in her show.

  1. When I was in high school I badly wanted to become a Sports Writer, specifically a Cricket Writer. I even joined an English Literature course and attended that for a week before I changed my mind (with some strong persuasion from my parents) and joined a computer engineering course (though I had already been playing around with computers for the previous 6 years at that time).
  2. I hate shaving – and try and avoid it as far as I can. In my opinion, it’s the most repugnant aspect about being an adult male. And I’ve managed to hurt myself pretty much every single time I’ve shaved.
  3. Being Indian, a lot of people assume I am a vegetarian. I am not. I eat meat and love sea food. Lobster and steak (beef) are among my favorite food items.
  4. My second name (Sivakumar) is not really my family name. It’s my dad’s first name. It’s a Kerala (my state in India) custom where the son and daughter get their father’s first name as surname. My dad’s surname is his dad’s first name. Following along, when I have my child (in future), he or she will have Nishant as his or her surname. Though, I am wondering if I should break that first-name-as-surname rule.
  5. I don’t really speak or understand Hindi. Most people assume that being Indian, I’d be fluent in Hindi. I am not, and my native tongue is Malayalam (it’s a palindrome by the way). I watch Hindi movies rarely and that too, only when there are English sub-titles.

I am supposed to tag five others, but I’ll break that rule and tag just one person – my good friend and fellow blogger James Johnson (popularly known as Mister .NET in tech blogging circles). Interestingly, today’s his birthday – so happy birthday Jambo.

My Tagee


5 thoughts on “It's Tagging time in Microsoft blogger land

  1. Hello Nishanth,

    Thanks to a colleague of mine, I happened to read your article on ‘new and malloc’ .It’s from there that I found where you are from and me being a fellow god’s-own-country man ,was curious to visit this blog of yours.Though I am an gnu/open source/C,C++ guy and all things .net/asp/etc,etc is gobbledygook for me, I’ve got to say that it’s a really nice (and extensive) blog that you’ve put up here.Good job dude nd I think I might be a regular here. And all the best for ur new book as well …. 🙂



  2. Hi,

    Could you please help me. I have created a class in C# and created its dll. Then I added its
    reference in a VB.NET project. After this I created object of this C# class.

    Now at run time it is giving me error that “Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”

    While if I add its reference in C# project then it is working fine.


  3. hi nish,
    i’m just searching some indian blogger’s n i got ur blog. hey it’s a interesting 1.ur previous post is also very informative. i have a blog on personal care if u have interest in it ,just visit


  4. Hi Nish,
    I have found your simple TCP server
    and I think your explanations are very good.
    Please if you have some guidebooks
    for functions(TCP) please send me ,
    and also your zipped TCP server,
    if it’s not difficult.

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