Another chapter excerpt from C++/CLI in Action

A second chapter excerpt from my book C++/CLI in Action has been published on The Code Project. There’s one more coming up (later this week).

I also have an update as to when the printed book will be available. The book’s going into printing phase in a week, and should be available by the 22nd of March. So depending on your shipping option, those of you who pre-ordered it will most likely be receiving it around the last week of March.


IntelliTXT blocker for Internet Explorer

While Firefox has had plugins to block IntelliTXT popup-ads for ages, Internet Explorer never really had one that worked well enough to be used consistently. And today, I was horrified to find that a few websites actually had IntelliTXT popups that showed videos! Just when you thought IntelliTXT couldn’t get any more nauseating, you get proven wrong in the worst way possible :grrr:

The good news is that my friend Rama Vavilala has published an IntelliTXT Blocker for IE on his blog. Finally relief from IntelliTXT for IE users 🙂

And by the way, the zip files (source, binary and installer) for the blocker are hosted on my website! 😎