Chapter excerpt from C++/CLI in Action

A chapter excerpt from my book C++/CLI in Action has been published on The Code Project.

A couple more will be published soon (hopefully this week).


5 thoughts on “Chapter excerpt from C++/CLI in Action

  1. Nice!

    Any ETA on the paper version of the book? I ordered a few months ago from B&N and
    the availability date keeps getting pushed out…


  2. Hi, ya its nice.

    i have some doubt in mfc in vc++

    i create one application using mfc dialog based app, in that i used tree cntl key for connection
    directories, its came successfully. but i have to rename the opening folder r file name. for
    using button cntrl key, how to write the code for this then how to create new folder in that a
    application, please help me by giving some program.

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