IntelliTXT blocker for Internet Explorer

While Firefox has had plugins to block IntelliTXT popup-ads for ages, Internet Explorer never really had one that worked well enough to be used consistently. And today, I was horrified to find that a few websites actually had IntelliTXT popups that showed videos! Just when you thought IntelliTXT couldn’t get any more nauseating, you get proven wrong in the worst way possible :grrr:

The good news is that my friend Rama Vavilala has published an IntelliTXT Blocker for IE on his blog. Finally relief from IntelliTXT for IE users 🙂

And by the way, the zip files (source, binary and installer) for the blocker are hosted on my website! 😎


2 thoughts on “IntelliTXT blocker for Internet Explorer

  1. Link is dead, alas.. But this works for IE:

    1) Double-click the “Internet” box in the lower-right corner (it may instead say “Restricted Sites” or “Local Intranet” or “Trusted Sites”) and the Internet Security Properties applet should pop up.

    1A) An alternate way to get there: Tools->Internet Options, then click on the Security tab.

    2) Click on “Restricted Sites” so it is highlighted, and then click on the “Sites” button to open the list of sites in the “Restricted Sites” zone.

    3) In the blank for “Add this website to the zone” type in the following:

    4) Click the “Add” button, then click Close, then OK to apply your settings

    5) IntelliTXT ads should be gone. Worked for me! Note that this technique works to block all sorts of obnoxious advertising sites. Here’s a few more great ones to add:

    In IE, to view what advertising sites are included in the web page you’re currently viewing, simply go to View->Web Page Privacy Policy and scroll down the list. Be careful not to blacklist any legitimate sites though!

    Hope this helps someone!


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