Got my {Josh Smith on WPF} t-shirt!

WPF guru and fellow-CPian Josh Smith has very kindly sent me a {Josh Smith on WPF} t-shirt which is part of the prize package for his WPF Challenge programming contest. Here’s a photo of me wearing this really cool t-shirt :-

Nish wearing the {Josh Smith on WPF} t-shirt

Obviously, you are gonna want this t-shirt too, and the best way to get one is to enter his contest. The first three prizes all include the t-shirt. Good luck with it ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh, and ladies, I am married!


7 thoughts on “Got my {Josh Smith on WPF} t-shirt!

  1. Nish, you have put on some weight since I last saw your picture and you look better now ;).

    BTW, nice shirt.

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