Vista rebooted during my VS Orcas beta install!

I started an installation of Visual studio Orcas beta 1 last night just before I went to sleep and also set the alarm for 3 AM so I could wake up and hit [Next] when it prompts me to install the documentation. Well guess what? I woke up and found that Vista had rebooted and there was a nice balloon tip on the lower right of my screen telling me some updates got installed and so it rebooted. Holy crap! There was a freaking installation going on, damnit! Has this crap happened to anyone else too?

The good thing is I restarted the installation and decided to stay up for 30 minutes to make sure it was all good. That turned out to be a good move because the setup paused and asked me to kill the machine debug manager (no idea why that was running) which I did. I went to sleep and woke up a while ago to find the installation complete. Apparently documentation got auto-installed and thus I didn’t have to click [Next] for that. But I still cannot believe that the OS was stupid enough to do a reboot while an installation was running – how screwed up an idea is that anyway! :grrr:


4 thoughts on “Vista rebooted during my VS Orcas beta install!

  1. Yeah, automatic *installation* of updates is one of the first things i’ll turn off (or refuse to turn on) during a new OS install. I can’t imagine ever wanting to lose control over when my machine force-closes all apps and restarts…

  2. Yeah, I normally do that too – but at home, XP is my primary OS and I don’t use Vista all that much – that’s how I missed out 😦

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