A data-bound multi-column combobox

I wrote a multi-column combobox class with support for data-binding at work and I have published an article on it here :-

It’s fairly easy to use and all you need to do is to set the DataSource property. The control will auto-populate the columns from the columns (if any) in the DataSource.


7 thoughts on “A data-bound multi-column combobox

  1. Thanks Nishanth
    The databound multi-column combobox you’ve developed is an amazing control.
    I used in my project it really rocks….The credit goes to you man …

    Also i need to know… how to show only a single column in Multicolumn combo style being set to dropdownlist(which shows all the columns by default)

    What changes i need to make it in OnDrawItem method using DrawEventArgs.State and DrawItemState.ComboboxEdit inorder to make only one column visible …

    Waiting for a response

  2. hey Nishanth
    you articale looks good can u send me same stuff in asp.net as a webuser control that will great

  3. Hi,

    I would really like to use this control in a new project I am working on. I am using visual studio 2008 and am binding a regular combobox to a bindsource. What I want is the value member to be the id and the display member to be a combination of two columns. Can I use this control in VS2008? Can I import it so I can use it from the toolbox? Many thanks

  4. It seems that you have removed the link pointing to “A data-bound multi-column combobox” can you please provide me the link.

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