Nishant is spelt with a t at the end

I am a bit fixated on how people spell my name – for those of you who don’t know, it’s “Nishant” – 7 unrepeated letters that even a 4-year old should find it trivial to remember. Unfortunately enough, many Indian names that end in “nt” are sometimes pronounced and spelled as “nth”, so there’s a common misspelling of my name where there’s an “h” suffixed to the “ant”. Westerners never spell my name wrong, they always get it right. It’s the Indian folks who sometimes think they know what’s best and misspell my name with the trailing “h”. And sometimes it happens on my own blog. People address me using the misspelling when leaving a comment or sending me an email, and when you consider that a majority of these communications are requests for help, you’d think they’d have the basic courtesy to at least get my name correct. Oh well, at least nobody’s misspelled “Nish” so far.

10 thoughts on “Nishant is spelt with a t at the end

  1. I feel for ya, Nisth – my last name gets misspelled frequently, either because it’s misheard over the phone (apparently i pronounce “ey” as “you”), or because it’s mistaken as a misspelling of “Mayer” or “Meyer”.

  2. Could happen cause, like you say, many other Nishants and Prashants in India have their names spelled with “th” in the end 🙂

    Nish, I had the same theme on my blog a couple of months back! But then I messed it up changing the header image to self-made ones 😀

  3. I feel you’re pain. Everyone thinks my last name is pronounced without the i. I must have missed the lesson in school that taught us that if an i comes after b then it’s silent. I hate being called Mr. Zooba.

  4. I have noticed this specifically the way people in southern part of India name themselves (which is different from other parts)

    e.g. Gayatri and Gayathri
    Shaktipriya and SakthiPriya

    Just for fun, see if they belong to Chennai 😉

  5. Your wife is named Smitha. Hindi speaking people will write it as Smita 🙂

    And, your name would be spelt as Nishant. But , like I said, it will be spelt Nishanth in southern part of India.

    Just an observation.

  6. When I moved to bangalore and discovered my programming skills in job, I was surprised to rediscover my name on ATM card spelling Thapan Pandey. I had hard and hilarious time while fighting back to Tapan

  7. I agree with Kalpesh.
    I lived in Chennai for almost 2 years and people massacred my name by adding ‘h’ at every possible instant.
    Even when i would give my email, people would misspell it ignoring the spellings and calling me “Kavithesh” 😦 😦

  8. same problem here. but i feel iam savved a bit beecause my intial is also t , so people tend to pay little more attention to my spelling . as our names are also not so common, i think we get some attention/ popular too!!!!!!!!

  9. My name is Hemant but may indian(specially south india) people spell it like Hemanth !. In my office my mail address was hemanthk@…. Finally I send a mail to everybody about my name and then they corrected it

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