Setting VC++ directories in VS 2010

In VS 2010, Tools/Options does not have a VC++ directories tab (where you normally set the include/lib search folders). Instead if you take project settings for a C++ project, you’ll see VC++ Directories listed under Configuration Properties. Of course these are per project and not per user (as in VS 2008). If you want to change it for the current user globally, bring up the Property Manager and then you’ll see various property sheets under Debug and Release (there may be more configurations on your machine). Just edit the property sheet named Microsoft.Cpp.Win32.user and now you’ll have set it globally for your user for that specific configuration.


3 thoughts on “Setting VC++ directories in VS 2010

  1. thank you, I install vs2010 and import the vs2008’s vc envoment, and the new vs2010 can’t compile any projects, I think it is the vc++ directories’ problem.

  2. Thanks for this useful information.

    Do you know how to access the project VC++ Directories from within an addin (EnvDTE)?

    And how to access the same for a configuration such as debug or release?


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