Undocumented compiler error CS0226

This one’s an obvious error really – but it’s still undocumented, and thus qualifies for a blog entry. I guess once __arglist was dropped from the standard documentation, all its associated error messages were dropped too.

Compiler Error CS0226

Error Message

An __arglist expression may only appear inside of a call or new expression


The following sample generates CS0226

// error CS0226
__arglist("apples", "pears");

Expected usage
static void Foo(Object obj, __arglist)
    Console.WriteLine("First arg : {0}", obj);

    ArgIterator iterator = new ArgIterator(__arglist);
    for (int i = iterator.GetRemainingCount(); i > 0; i--)

. . .

Foo(x, __arglist("apples", "pears"));

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