Article : An MVVM friendly approach to adding system menu entries in a WPF application

The majority of MFC apps have always had an About… menu entry in the main window’s system menu, and this was primarily because the App Wizard generated code for that by default. I wanted to do something similar in a WPF application I’ve been working on, and I wanted to do it in an MVVM friendly manner. In this recent article published on The Code Project, I explain a neat way of doing it so that you can easily add menu items and attach command handlers to them while retaining the basic MVVM paradigm. The code supports command parameters as well as an UI enabling/disabling mechanism. The basic idea is to make it so that it should be very easy to add system menu-items and then bind commands to them without having to make major changes to code.

I was rather cynical about all the buzz around MVVM, but now that I’ve begun using it I can see why so many people are fascinated by the concept.

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