Native exe linking with mixed-mode static lib

Pon Sayasith emailed me a couple of weeks ago saying he’d bought my C++/CLI book and then went on to ask me what I thought of a mixed mode static library that has a managed class and a native wrapper, that is then consumed by a native C++ app. My first reaction (which turned out to be wrong) was that this would not be possible. But I was basically over-thinking there.

My initial thought was that when you have a C++ project with say 1 cpp file compiled as /clr, you are still forced to change project settings to match those that support the /clr switch. But when you link with a lib with a /clr compiled cpp file, your native project settings are not changed. I wasn’t sure if that was alright to do and whether the compiler was unaware of the fact that the lib needs managed support.

But I did a quick test and apparently, once the compiler sees that a linker lib is mixed-mode, then it knows how to handle that and the main exe is itself generated as a .NET executable (with mscoree.dll called and all that). This actually has an advantage in that you don’t need to tweak project settings to support /clr compilation.

So if you want to avoid tweaking your main project’s settings just to enable /clr compilation on a couple of cpp files, then this approach is an excellent workaround for you. The static lib project will need to have its project settings tweaked for /clr compilation (even for selective cpp files), but your main project settings remain unchanged, and just as you want it.


One thought on “Native exe linking with mixed-mode static lib

  1. How about a dynamically loaded .dll? Would this work on that? I havn’t worked on /clr so though I would check with you first, Nish.

    In short, scenario that needs to be checked out: native C++/MFC app to consume a /clr coded .dll – possible?

    Thanks in advance!

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