VC++ 2010 : C++/CLI does not support variant delegates/interfaces

I just reported this bug on Connect :

.NET 4.0 supports covariance and contravariance in delegates and interfaces. Unfortunately, C++/CLI does not support this as of VC++ 2010 RTM. Considering that the most popular use for C++/CLI today is as an interop language, the compiler not supporting a feature that’s going to be heavily used in the BCL and in new C# libraries is a very serious problem. It will impose limits on how effective C++/CLI will be as an interop-language.

If you think this is a serious enough problem, please vote the bug up so it gets more attention. Thank you.


Visual Assist X gives VC++ 2010 intellisense for C++/CLI

The lack of intellisense has been the biggest show-stopper for using VC++ 2010 for any managed or mixed mode programming. Many people could not make the upgrade from VC++ 2008 for this very reason. Fortunately, the latest version of Visual Assist X from Whole Tomato Software provides fully functional intellisense for C++/CLI code! VA has always been a truly impressive add-in for VC++ users for a decade or so now, and with this update they make it obvious why they are still one of the most popular and most useful add-ins for Visual C++.

For anyone doing C++/CLI in VS 2010 and totally frustrated with the Notepad like editing experience, or for anyone holding off on upgrading to VS 2010, I strongly recommend Visual Assist X. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and I have not noticed any performance issues with VS 2010 although I am on a very fast machine with heaps of memory. That said, there are several other improvements and refactoring features that Visual Assist X provides but I was primarily evaluating it for the C++/CLI intellisense.