Visual Assist X gives VC++ 2010 intellisense for C++/CLI

The lack of intellisense has been the biggest show-stopper for using VC++ 2010 for any managed or mixed mode programming. Many people could not make the upgrade from VC++ 2008 for this very reason. Fortunately, the latest version of Visual Assist X from Whole Tomato Software provides fully functional intellisense for C++/CLI code! VA has always been a truly impressive add-in for VC++ users for a decade or so now, and with this update they make it obvious why they are still one of the most popular and most useful add-ins for Visual C++.

For anyone doing C++/CLI in VS 2010 and totally frustrated with the Notepad like editing experience, or for anyone holding off on upgrading to VS 2010, I strongly recommend Visual Assist X. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and I have not noticed any performance issues with VS 2010 although I am on a very fast machine with heaps of memory. That said, there are several other improvements and refactoring features that Visual Assist X provides but I was primarily evaluating it for the C++/CLI intellisense.


3 thoughts on “Visual Assist X gives VC++ 2010 intellisense for C++/CLI

  1. I agree that VAX can throw a lifesaver to us poor neglected C++/CLI developers.

    We’ve had mixed results with VAX in our reasonably-large C++/CLI project. The main issue I hit is my habit of typing “this->” in order to see members quickly. Often VAX is flummoxed and offers no list. But..sometimes it comes through and does. I guess my message is YMMV.

    Another caveat is that VAX releases though fairly frequent often have regressions so just be careful to keep the previous installer if your an eager-beaver-gotta-upgrade-asap like me.


  2. But what’s the matter with Microsoft??? what stopping them to do things right??? They don’t have resources good enough or they can’t just hack them out of “Whole Tomatoes” :p

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