Variadic templates in VC++ 2013

The VC++ 2013 compiler supports variadic templates. They are templates that can take a variable number of template arguments. In my opinion, it’s more a feature for library authors than for library consumers, so I am not sure how popular its use will be among end-user C++ developers. Here’s a very simple example that shows variadic templates in action.

// Variadic template declaration
template<typename... Args> class Test;

// Specialization 1
template<typename T> class Test<T>
  T Data;

// Specialization 2
template<typename T1, typename T2> class Test<T1, T2>
  T1 Left;
  T2 Right;

void Foo()
  Test<int> data;
  data.Data = 24;

  Test<int, int> twovalues;
  twovalues.Left = 12;
  twovalues.Right = 15;

The intellisense kicks in and works beautifully too when using variadic templates. I will be trying to blog more on the use of variadic templates in the near future.


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