Announcing the Central Ohio C++ User Group

If you are a C++ developer/enthusiast who lives in or around Columbus, OH, then you may be pleased to hear that we are launching a C++ specific user group in Columbus, Ohio. The first UG session is scheduled for the 14th of March. Quick Solutions, Columbus, OH has kindly agreed to host the meeting. Details below:

  • Meeting: Central Ohio C++ User Group March Meeting
  • Location: Quick Solutions Training Center at 440 Polaris Pkwy, Suite 500, Westerville, OH.
  • Date/Time: March 14th Wednesday, 6PM – 8PM
  • Session: Using Visual C++ to write WinRT/Metro applications (Speaker: Nish Sivakumar)
  • Session: Future direction of the C++ user group (Group discussion)

For a speaker bio, check out my About page here:

Here’s the marketing summary:

“Nish Sivakumar is a C++ developer from Columbus, OH. He has been a Microsoft VC++ MVP since 2002 and is the author of C++/CLI in Action by Manning Publications (2006) and Extending MFC Applications with the .NET framework by Addison-Wesley (2003). He has published over 100 articles on C++, C#, WPF, WP7, WinRT, and other Microsoft technologies on The Code Project. Nish has a keen interest in photography as well as in mixology.”

Please note that we will be meeting once a month. If you live in or around Columbus, and would be interested in presenting on a C++ related topic, please get in touch with me through this blog.

March 14th Wednesday, 6PM – 8PM
440 Polaris Pkwy, Suite 500, Westerville, OH

Mark your calendars!